In fact in the EPP Platform, 17-18 October 2012, which was approved anonymously, it is reaffirmed:

“n.5. Together in a political family which is now broader than ever, we reaffirm our commitment therefore to the common core values of the EPP.

n.6. These values are: the dignity of human life in every stage of its existence, freedom and responsibility, equality and justice, truth, solidarity and subsidiarity. The Christian image of Man is their point of departure...

n.115. We consider that it is necessary to respect the right of conscientious objection.

n.211. As laid down in Article 16 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the state. Family is irreplaceable as the core institution where love and charity, sympathy, and human solidarity are cherished and instilled, thereby uniting different generations. It is the place where parents and children take responsibility and practise solidarity for each other. Strong families are also a precondition for better demographic development.

n.225. The EPP reaffirms its efforts to promote the human right of education and parental freedom of educational choice.

228. Human life should be protected from its beginning until its natural end”.

I promise you dear pro life friends that I will be by your side, as a servant, in the next months and in the next year. I would like to remind the Prime Minister and his party partners that the EPP supports and defends the natural family and that the interpretations of the Prime Minister are completely different from EPP values and all international declarations and convenants subscribed to by Ireland. Probably his only goal is to keep his role safe.  Forcing peoples to vote against their conscience was a wrong decision, that decision has transformed Fine Gael into an obscure totalitarian party.

I was born on Saint Patrick’s day, and I have always been very attached to this great and wise country. Europe will always be grateful to Ireland. If Saint Columbanus had not evangelized our people with his friars, today Europe would still be a land occupied by barbarians and snakes. Those snakes that were thrown out from Ireland, are today trying to come back. We must stop them with the same willpower and generosity.

Stop the snakes of Marie Stopes! It’s time for you to regain your right to a referendum on the abortion law that was taken away from you. European Elections can be a chance to show Mr Kenny’s coalition that your people didn’t want and still don’t want a law that legalizes the murder of innocent human beings. The EU Elections are your ‘referendum’ against the Abortion Bill!

We need to be brave and, as G.K. Chesterton said, particularly cheerful and determined to energetically defend basic principles, basics like “Green leaves grow on trees in spring”. I talk about that bravery that thanks to you was shown by those members of Parliament, when they proudly defended their ethic. You are brave enough to renew love, rebuild hope and revive commitment. You are not alone and you will never be. Many European peoples are waking up and are starting realizing how dangerous these barbaric and totalitarian ideologies are. Let’s bring Ireland back to life to her historical role!

I often quote the letters of St. Thomas More written in the Tower of London in August 1534:

 “…But with standing my conscience, I can in nowise do it, and that for the instruc­tion of my conscience in the matter, I have not slightly looked, but by many years studied and advisedly considered, and never could yet see nor hear that thing, nor I think I never shall, that could induce mine own mind to think otherwise than I do […]. Yet is there no man bounden to swear that every law is well made, nor bounden upon the pain of God's displeasure, to perform any such point of the law, as were indeed unlawful…”

I suggest you to read again these letters. They are a great inspiration of bravery and help us discover again the sense of our fights and our public commitment.

Dear friends, the Irish Constitution affirms that marriage is formed by one man and one woman, while the Government coalition is moving a draft law to destroy this simple human principle of natural law.

Watch out: parents’ freedom of conscience will be abrogated, if same-sex “marriage” is approved. This way, in addition to social disaster there will be the deprivation of parents’ rights and obligations in the field of education. As in Spain, France, Germany and United Kingdom, parents will not have the right to take their children away from school during “sexual vagueness class”, where children will learn that “mother” and “father” are unnatural, while “lesbian” and “transgender” represent human evolution. Freedom of conscience will disappear and freedom of expression will be restricted if that ‘law’ or that referendum will be approved.

They want to make us believe that this humankind really exists and is morally superior. But they will never take our eyes and our hearts off the truth about ourselves and the joy of this wonderful truth: loyal people always meet each other, exactly like I’ve met you today.

You can and you must change Ireland, we all together must change this brave world. It’s time to stand up, to act and change the world! Reset Europe next May, at the next EU Elections vote pro life candidates!

Thank you and… sursum corda!





Cardinal Burke Synod







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