by Anthony Ozimic

A new manual on Catholic medical ethics has been published.

Manual on Catholic medical ethics: Responsible Healthcare from a Catholic Perspective has been written by Cardinal Willem Eijk and other distinguished experts in the fields of science, medicine, philosophy and ethics. All the authors are from The Netherlands and the book was originally published in Dutch. The editor of the English edition is Dr John Fleming, an Australian Catholic priest and internationally-respected bioethicist.

The manual’s publishers, Connor Court Publishing, said:

“Modern medical technology and therapeutic options are in constant development and are far from having reached their limits. Many healthcare workers, biomedical scientists, pastoral caregivers and also patients wonder what are the moral consequences are what are the constraints.

From their expertise in the fields of medicine and ethics and from the perspective of the practice of healthcare, the authors offer a helping hand in answering these questions. Taking into account the most recent developments many actual questions are discussed. They are presented according to the phases of life where medical-ethical questions may arise.

Well-argued answers to these questions and dilemmas are given, based on the teachings of the Catholic Church. May these provide for the needs of Catholic healthcare workers, and all people of good will, who are searching for sources of inspiration to assist in the formation of their views on healthcare and spirituality.”

The manual is 720 pages and has been published in hardback. It retails for 79.95 Australian dollars and is available via




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