by Anthony Ozimic

The new Secretary of State for Education has appointed a homosexual activist as a special adviser.

Nicky Morgan, who last month replaced Michael Gove as education secretary, appointed Luke Tryl, who was head of education at Stonewall, Britain’s main homosexual lobby group. Mr Tryl is also Chairman of the Dulwich and West Norwood branch of the Conservative Party and a former President of the Oxford Union. Many people with a similar background, including special advisers, have been fast-tracked into Parliament and become ministers.

Mrs Morgan’s appointment was attacked by homosexualist activists for her vote against the government’s same-sex marriage law, promoted heavily by David Cameron. She is also a member of the Christians in Parliament group and has spoken of her Christian calling to politics.

Some observers believe that Mr Tryl’s appointment has been engineered by Mr Cameron as a way of appeasing the homosexual lobby, which wants to see homosexual propaganda imposed throughout all schools.

The homosexual lobby was angered by Mrs Morgan’s appointment even though she supports homosexual civil partnerships. Following Mr Tryl’s appointment, Mrs Morgan wrote to Stonewall to assure the group that the government was keen to promote the homosexual agenda in schools.

Ruth Hunt, Stonewall’s new chief executive, has called for pre-school children to be taught to celebrate homosexuality. Both Stonewall and David Cameron’s government are using grossly-inflated concern about so-called ‘homophobic bullying’ as a cloak to destroy children’s ordinary understanding of the natural differences between the sexes.

A recent government consultation suggests that homosexuality, feminism, religious indifferentism and democracy are “fundamental British values”, to which both state and independent schools must prove their willing adherence. The consultation follows scare-mongering about the promotion of traditional values in some Muslim-majority state schools.