by Anthony Ozimic

A poll of American Christians has found that gay marriage is a litmus test of what individual Christians believe on other sexual practices. 

Dr Mark Regnerus, professor of sociology at the University of Texas, made the observation in an essay published this month, following a survey he oversaw earlier this year. The “Relationships in America” interviewed 15,738 Americans, aged 18-60. Dr Regenerus’s observation is based on the replies of those people who identify themselves as Christian, attend church at least three times a month, and expressed an opinion on same-sex marriage.

Dr Regnerus found that individual Christians who do not oppose same-sex marriage are:

      • seven times more likely to approve of pornography
      • three times more likely to approve of cohabiting
      • six times more likely to approve of no-strings-attached sex
      • five times more likely to approve of adultery
      • thirteen more likely to approve of polyamorous relationships
      • six times more likely to support legal abortion

Pro-life and pro-family campaigners have long been arguing that the sanctity of human life and traditional sexual morality are inseparable, both in principle and in practice. They point to the fact that organisations like the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) campaign for both legalised abortion and in favour of a wide range of immoral sexual practices. Fr John Hardon, the prominent late Jesuit, has been quoted as having said:
“The reason we have such massive slaughter of the innocents is because we have become a fornicating society, an adulterous society, a masturbating society, a homosexual society, and a contraceptive society. Unchaste people are selfish people. They will not stop at murder if an unborn child would be a burden to their indulgence and sexual pleasure.”