On the first anniversary of Ireland joining the ranks of countries fostering the culture of death Deacon Nick Donnelly asks what is stopping the Irish bishops from naming Enda Kenny’s role in legalising abortion. The scandal of this silence becomes more acute as a result of evasions over Dublin’s Mater Misericordiae University Hospital agreeing to co-operate with abortion and the prospect of other Catholic hospitals following suit. Deacon Nick notes that, there is the very real danger for the bishops that their prolonged silence will be interpreted as meaning something they don’t intend, such as, their acceptance of the political status quo about the legalisation of abortion.

kennyOne year ago, on the 30th July 2013, President Michael D. Higgins signed Enda Kenny’s abortion plans into Irish law to the silence of the Catholic bishops of Ireland.  One year since a coerced majority in the Dail passed the bill which commissioned the intentional killing of babies in their mothers’ wombs.  The bishops have remained silent about those Catholics who actively participated in legalising abortion.

Most likely, no court in the world, either secular or ecclesial, will hold Higgins, Kenny and the other pro-abortion politicians to account for their role.  But one day Michael Higgins and Enda Kenny, like the rest of us, will stand before a higher court.  Then, at the moment of death, we will receive Almighty God’s individual judgement, and at the end of the world, humanity will receive God’s universal judgement.  If anyone of us dies unrepentant and in a state of mortal sin – and co-operation in commissioning abortion comes under the category of grave matter – then they will be sentenced to an eternity in hell. 

Pope Francis’ warned the Italian Mafia, “There is still time not to end up in hell, which awaits you if you continue on this road.  You had a papa and a mamma. Think of them, weep a little and convert.”  This equally applies to other groups organising the murder of innocents, including President Higgins and Taoiseach Enda Kenny.  “Weep and convert”.

On this first anniversary of Ireland joining the ranks of countries fostering the culture of death, the Catholics of Ireland are still waiting for their bishops’ response to the role of fellow Catholics in legalising abortion.  The brief statement issued in October 2013 by the bishops’ following their Fall meeting thanked those who respectfully campaigned against the legislation and ‘acknowledged those national public representatives who did so at great political risk to themselves’. But their statement made no reference to the role played by Enda Kenny and other Catholic politicians in legalising the intentional killing of babies in their mothers’ wombs. Instead, the bishops’ made a general defence of the sanctity of life without making any reference to the details of Enda Kenny’s ‘Protection of Life during Pregnancy’ Act:

‘Bishops reiterated “to legislate for abortion does not make it morally acceptable, and the direct and intentional ending of the life of an unborn child, at any stage of pregnancy, is always gravely wrong.”’

After waiting eight months for the bishops to speak critically about self-described  devout Catholic Enda Kenny and the other pro-abort Catholics, faithful Catholics were deeply disappointed to read the headline in the Irish Independent, ‘Bishop urges pro-life groups to stop 'screaming' over abortion’.  Instead of a critical assessment of the moral responsibility of politicians, the newly appointed bishop of Derry, Donal McKeown, decided that rather than holding Enda Kenny to account he’d criticise the pro-life movement.  Bishop McKeown was reported as saying, ‘You can't hate people into loving life’, and ‘screaming at one another is not acceptable from people who are pro-life’.  This is an unfair, and inaccurate, caricature of the majority of people committed to the Irish pro-life movement, who need encouragement, not chastisement, from their bishops.  Faithful Catholics are still waiting for their bishops’ response to those who personally commissioned the killing of the unborn. 





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